Hello World!

Hi!  It’s been a while, internet.

This old site again.  Yungism.com started out as a personal digital sandbox.  My nerdy expedition into the world of HTML, PHP, and all that jazz.  Its focus was on all the coolest flashy web features.  Consequently, it was always down or under construction…  🙁  Content-wise it’s never amounted to much, and in retrospect it was more indicative of my need to play with technology than a way to express my thoughts.

It’s been a while since I’ve written for myself, or for pleasure.  Let’s see how rusty I am.  With my failing memory, I have hope that this site will become a place to gather and store my thoughts, views, and experiences.  At least some of the more personal tidbits.  Too personal for Facebook, anyway.

I made a promise to myself that this blog’s layout will stay this way.  Clean, uncluttered, and focused on the content.  No more fancy widgets.  No more fancy tinkering.  This reincarnation will hopefully stick.  I owe this to myself, at least.

I’m also not very sure of the direction I’m taking this blog.  Hmm.. so if everything up and disappears one day, it’s because I’ve decided for it to be a private journal!  Sorry!

Unless I only make some of it private.  This requires tinkering, however…

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