Fear of Children

my mom had a house, a husband, and a career, but she still felt her life wasn’t completely fulfilling and purposeful, and she thought children were supposed to fill those vacancies in her life. we might have filled some of those empty holes in her life, but we couldn’t fill all of them and make her happy and satisfied and give her life purpose and meaning. those are things she needed to look for within herself, but instead she chose to burden two infants with the task of creating meaning in her life. we failed at that task, and she resented us for it. she resented us not only for our failure to make her happy with her life, but also for using up all of the time, energy, and resources she might otherwise have used to find that thing that would give her life meaning and purpose.

kona_kona @ reddit.com

This is like nightmare scenario for me.  As I grow older and the social pressure of settling down and having kids begins to rear its ugly head, I have to take a step back and take a hard look.

Kids are no joke, and I’d have to be absolutely sure that I want them.  Eesh.